Monday, September 22, 2008

The bluebird of happiness

A still life is a study in what is known, what is seen, and what is necessary to see. I have done several versions of this, each progressively more "finished". In this case, that means smoothing the surfaces, filling in blanks between tones to establish continuity. I hesitate to overdo it, however, as the dappled sense of light and color is really the motivation for the work. To a certain extent, being as old as I am helps me judge what I want to leave in, what I don't mind working over, what I can stand and can't stand. But not as much as I would have guessed in my twenties. I think my conclusion is, work harder in your twenties, don't worry what others think. No matter what happens, you will still tend to think about and care about the same things at the end of the decades. Perhaps to your surprise.

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